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Neurotherapy & Neurofeedback in Santa Barbara

We are a neurotherapy clinic specializing in neurofeedback, brain training and Brainmaps (formally called Quantitative EEG). Training is for those who are tired of brain fog, feeling sluggish, negative habits, faulty belief systems and destructive life patterns. Better functioning and the overall improved regulation of your health.



Brainwaves 101

Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, & Gamma. What’s the difference? What do they all mean? Find out the significance of each brainwave spectrum.


Research & Science

Neurofeedback and neurotherapy are based on decades of established science of neuroanatomy, neuropsychology, physiology and mathematics. Properly termed “applied neuroscience,” look into the efficacy of operant conditioning, pEMF, tACS/tDCS. and tapping neuroplasticity to encourage neurogenerativity.


Gamma Jam Brainworks Clientele

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Neurotherapy Clientele

Neurotherapy and neurofeedback are not a one size fits all intervention. It must be adapted to an individual's symptom patterns. Test results are then matched against a database. Using electromagnetic frequencies, fields, and electroencephalographical (EEG) feedback, we help individuals regulate their neural functioning. This natural modality is something to look into if surgery and medicine are not the regimens you seek.


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Packages & Pricing

Learn more about our pricing structure and the neurofeedback & neurotherapy packages we offer. Please call with any questions; we’re happy to help you understand the differences between mapping and training options.


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Neurotherapy Technology & Modalities

There are many types of neurofeedback and neurotherapy systems and modalities. We possess cutting edge technology, as well as tried and true modalities. This broad array of training systems allows us to optimize the customization of your personalized brain training program.


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