ABCs of Brainwaves

I am carrying forward the theories laid down by Anna Wise in my dissertation work. A quick synopsis follows:

In the 1970s, Maxwell Cade, a scientist, yogi and father of biofeedback in England invented the mind mirror and took it to yogis and swamis and healers to measure consciousness. What he found was that a common brainwave kept appearing, regardless of religion, technique, belief system or methodology—he called this “The Awakened Mind.”

The Awakened Mind is the combination of the four categories in the right relationship and proportion.

Anna Wise took this research back to the states and studied the brainwaves of many people, to find that bursts of peak experiences, the “aha” or “eureka” moments that we may have are the same as those states the yogis and enlightened individuals lived in.

Seven Qualities of the Awakened Mind state:
1) Compassion
2) Equanimity
3) Detachment
4) Clarity
5) Non-judgment
6) Love
7) Empathy

The prerequisite for an awakened mind is to have an open flow of information between the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind.

ABCs of brainwaves

Frequency: The power or speed of the electrical emissions, measured in hertz (hz) Breaks down into Delta, Theta, Alpha, SMR, Beta and Gamma

Alpha must be present as the link or bridge in order to draw information from theta up into…
Beta, where it can be processed, interpreted, remembered, and knowingly used.

Theta is the the brainwave the allows the profundity, bliss, and depth people look for in meditation. It is through theta that we make our spiritual connection.

Delta is present in sleep, but also represents the unconscious mind, it allows for the deep primal intuition, our instinctual action, our empathy and our radar. Delta allows you to glean information that is not present at a conscious level.

Delta has also been connected with the concept of the collective unconscious.

Whereas theta arises out of the subconscious, delta arises out of the cosmic consciousness.

The healer, seer, people person and traumatized child mayhave fine tuned delta. When one is often forced to use delta, they may be hypervigilant and also have ESP.

The awakened mind has access to the unconscious empathy, intuition, and radar of the delta waves, the subconscious creative storehouse, inspiration and spiritual connection of the theta waves, the bridging capacity, lucid imagery, and relaxed detached awareness of the alpha waves, and he ability to consciously process thoughts in beta, all at the same time.