We do not charge for our initial 30-minute consultations. This is not an intake process, but a means for the client and clinician to meet and determine if neurotherapy is the appropriate course of action for the presenting problem.

G & Report - $750.00

Quantitative EEG, or “brain mapping” is a way of assessing the operation and functionality of the client's brain with the comparison of normative and clinical databases, and the processing of 20 minutes of brainwaves (EEG) recording. EEG is the measurement, using digital technology, of electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp which primarily reflect brainwave activity on the cortex (the “ bark” of the brain). Neurotherapists use this knowledge to adjust cerebral function towards ideals with operant conditioning, counseling, and neuromodulation. Brain mapping is analyzing the electrical activity or"brainwaves."

How does QEEG work?

The procedure is a three-part process, which entails:
  1. Initial visit and intake, including 20 minutes of EEG recording; During this process, we read and understand the "raw data," (the “squiggles” that are the brainwaves). Then, we remove all "artifact" (eye movements, much muscle tension, etc.).
  2. EEG Analysis and report work up: The amplitude, frequency and relationships between different areas of the cortex are analyzed then measured statistically by the software (see below) and presented — in quantified form — as "brain maps." Your EEG is compared to a reference database of other EEGs.
  3. Delivery of final Quantitative EEG Report.
The report work-up includes the consultation of various cortical and sub-cortical databases and the use of multiple software and brain imagining applications. The final report is approximately 15-30 pages in length, complete with summary page, explanatory pictures, graphics, and terminology that is accessible for the layperson, yet true to s cientific form. The composition of the report often entails 3-5 hours o f additional research.


Each insurance policy is different. We are happy to check into your policy to see if it will cover neurotherapy. To see if we can accept your policy, please have your insurance card and license ready and call our office at 760-872-9153, or send an email to terrin@neurofield.com.



One session costs $150 and lasts for the duration of one hour — however occasionally they are shorter, depending on the demands of the brain and body. We offer sliding scale fees to some individuals who are in economic hardship.


Our 25-session intensives cost $3750. This includes 25 sessions (1-2 sessions per day) and a complimentary QEEG report (discount of $750). This training modality is appropriate for out of town clients and those suffering from moderate to severe pathologies.