Today's business leaders are exposed to a faster pace and swifter rate of change than at any time in history, which produces mroe stress and anxiety. Senior executives are particularly vulnerable becuase they feel responsible for the well being of others within their organizations. To meet this need, the TheraMind Center of Santa Barbara has creted an executive performance enhancement program for business executives designed for:

Enhanced Focus

Improved relationships and leadership

Faster Processing Rates

Less anxiety and worry

Mental agility and flexibility

Improved memory

Better temperament

Ability to remain calm in the face of pressure

Greater presence

Accelerated learning

Ability to disconnect from work and engage personally

Overall feeling of well-being

The Executive Peak Performance Program combines cutting-edge diagnostic modalities with integrated, non-invasive, FDA-approved technological therapies. Each program participant receives an individual  assessment and unique tratment protocol designed to address individual participant needs. Doagnostic and therapeutic modalities employed may include, among others, some or all of:

  • Neurological assessment (quantitative EEG brainmaps)

  • Genetic Testing

  • Neuro Stimulation Services (giving your brain the template of high performance processing)

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (enhance neuroplasticity to enhance peak performance states)

  • Neuromodulation Services (customized brain entrainment optimized for your peak state)

Peak Performace Programs are offered in three tiers:


  • Quantative EEG, Report, and Customized Protocol
  • 2 Neurotherapy sessions per week
  • 2 Massages per month
  • 1 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment per week
    • Laser light therapy add-on (+$250)


  • Quantitative EEG, Report, and Customized Protocol
  • 3 Neurotherapy sessions per week
  • 1 therapeutic Massage per week
  • 2 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments per week
    • Laser light therapy add-on (+$500)


  • Quantitative EEG, Report, and Customized Protocol
  • Unlimited neurotherapy sessions per week
  • 2 Therapeutic massages per week
  • Unlimited Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments per week
  • Unlimited laser light theapy sessions