A quantitative EEG is a brain map. This is an electrical measurement, analysis, and quantification of the brainwaves. The brainwaves are the brain’s verbing, or the action potentials of the brain. We first gather the raw EEG data, and then we process it through a normative database, which is a database of healthy individuals’ brainwaves of the same age and gender as the patient. This gives us a comparison of the client’s brain relative to others’. This is the first step in our assessment process.
Each full Brain Map consists of the following:
  1. Initial intake meeting and EEG collection (2 hour)
  2. Written QEEG Report
  3. Follow up brain map report review and delivery of results, and treatment recommendations (1 hour).
The qEEG is used to generate a unique and custom data driven protocol. This is a blueprint for training your brain.
Dr. Tiff and Dr. Dogris are Santa Barbara’s only Quantified EEG Diplomates (qEEG-D), meaning they have been given the highest distinction in regards to these capabilities:
  • Analyzing brain maps (qEEG)
  • Editing raw EEG
  • Interpreting EEG for drug effects (prescription, over the counter, and street drugs)
  • Normative Database analysis
  • Clinical and Cognitive aspects of EEG
  • Montaging and utilizing/interpreting spectral and topographical aspects of EEG
When assessing data, like raw brainwaves (EEG), skills like these are imperative. Without the right training, a clinician might confuse noise in the EEG data with brainwaves, which would result in wrongly training the brain based on false assumptions.