Your Training Options

Free Initial Consult - FREE

Time: 30 – 60 mins


This is a no brainer. Well, not literally. If that were the case it would be very awkward.  The initial consult is for everyone. If you’re curious, don’t understand what brain training is, want to take pictures for your Facebook page, or want to query the validity of brain training science, come on down. The work is utterly fascinating and we love new faces. Come with your questions, your family, your dog, your doubts, and your hopes. We’ll do our best to answer all of your questions.

Basic “Brain Map”: The Quantitative EEG & Report - $750

Time: 2 clinic hours total, 2 clinic appointments (1 hour per appointment)


Tiff and Nick are Santa Barbara’s only Quantified EEG Diplomates (qEEG-D), meaning they has been given the highest distinction in regards to their capabilities:

  • Analyzing brain maps (qEEG)
  • Editing raw EEG
  • Interpreting EEG for drug effects (prescription, over the counter, and street drugs)
  • Normative Database analysis
  • Clinical and Cognitive aspects of EEG
  • Montaging and utilizing/interpreting spectral and topographical aspects of EEG


When assessing data, like raw brainwaves (EEG), skills like these are imperative so as to not confuse “noise” in the EEG with brainwaves, which would result in erroneously training the brain based on a false assumption.


Each full Brain Map consists of the following:

  1. Initial meeting and EEG collection (1 hour)
  2. Report research and composition, citing academic and clinical literature and consulting 2 normative databases for relative results.
  3. Consultation and delivery of results, as well as electronic copy of brain maps.


The qEEG is used to generate a unique and custom data driven protocol. This is a blueprint for training your brain.


The Drop In - $150

A one time drop-in appointment is appropriate if:

  • You’re interested in taste-testing neurotherapy
  • You’re plagued by curiosity
  • You’re considering any of our services or would like a foundation level understanding of neurotherapy
  • You have a treatment regimen established with your local neurotherapy practitioner and want to continue treatment in Santa Barbara.


*Note: It is highly recommended neurotherapy begins with a brain map, so that protocols and training are well-suited for the individual and his/her respective needs.


It is still requested that drop ins book an appointment, instead of dropping in. There’s always the off chance that you will find availability—being a literal “drop in”—the risk is yours.


Intensive (tri-weekly to daily treatment) $3750

This training is a 25 session package, generally lasting 1-2 months, consisting of tri-weekly or daily treatments for the first few weeks, and titrating back to 2x weekly and the 1x weekly sessions. THe intensive includes the price for all reports and brain maps, which occur regularly throughout the course of trainng.


Included in the price are:

  • The cost of the initial brainmap and report (value of $500)
  • All subsequent brainmaps are included within the cost (value of $200/ea.)
  • 25 training sessions (value of $2500)
  • Generation of post training results ($500)


Unlimited consultations throughout the course of treatment. This is the most economical of all training packages, as well as the most effective. If finances are the client’s ultimate barrier to treatment, scholarships and subsidized treatment options are available. For more information, send your questions about this here:


Why is the intensive model the best?

Consider the analogy of going to the gym. Your brain on daily neurotherapy is akin to your body on daily gym routine. The results you see come quickly, they are noticeable, and desired changes happen rapidly. An intensive training regimen will typically manifest improvements within the individual that are noticeable within the first few sessions. Progress is a steady build throughout the course of training and, near the end of treatment, results begin to plateau. This plateauing marks the final phase of neurotherapy, called the “cementing” phase and is necessary for changes to become more or less permanent.


The Tune Up - $100/session

Time Involved: 60 minutes


These sessions are for those of you who have finished training, but just can’t seem to pull yourself away. We understand. Sometimes a little tune up is needed, an additional session, a quick consultation, a debrief.


This session type is discounted for graduates of 25+ sessions who have been out of neurotherapy for 3 months or longer and are desiring some tweaks so they can return to optimal existence.


The Experimenter

Cost: (negotiable)

Time Involved: Who knows? Depends on your art…


This format is more experimental than traditional training. The Experimenter training was inspired by local artists, healers and musicians who are interested in understanding the neurophysiology and brainwaves behind their craft. A two-way session structuring, the experimenter is a co-creative process, by which we devise the best way to measure your art and produce results.


The EEG and neurotherapy equipment in the Gamma Jam office allows for measuring brainwaves on the fly, as well as frequency ratios, amplitudes, etc. Also available are summary maps, that show the overarching outcome of the state being studied.


This process can involve:

  • Academic research
  • Literature review of all relevant research to date
  • Various types of measurement and assessment
  • Takes and re-takes
  • Reports
  • Many subjects
  • Brainstorms


Some art forms and healing modalities that are easily observable include:

  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Listening to music
  • Healing massage
  • Theta healing
  • Reiki
  • Some forms of playing music


Because EEG is sensitive and easily picks up “noise,” some modalities are more difficult to measure than others. For example, a sweat lodge or an asana yoga practice would be tough to impossible to record—at least with the available equipment today.


This is because EEG is sensitive enough to pick up tiny oscillations that are rolling over the cortex—the thin crinkled tissue that is the grey matter of your brain. When you move (i.e. swing a golf club, run, do yoga, move your body) the EEG will most definitely pick up the muscle artifact in your EEG. It looks like wild swings in the EEG.